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ChemAladdin’s goal is to make buying chemicals easy, and support chemical research community by a number of initiatives. We give back in a number of ways, including Gift Cards and Rewards Points on your purchases. Our Affiliate program goes a step further, where you earn dollars by sharing your belief that Chemaladdin is helping to solve industry challengies, and your friends and colleagues will benefit by knowing about us.

Follow 3-steps process to earn,

1. Create an account (Log In if you already have an account)
2. Go to My Account --> Affiliate Info: An unique link has been created for you, eg (Note: Please contact us if you don't see "Status: Active" in green). You can also personalize your unique link by submitting a Friendly URL Name (e.g. john1988) that will update your link to
3. Share or post this unique link with your friends and colleagues to join. If anyone (“referrals”) purchases at ChemAladdin by joining through your affiliate link, you will receive payments equivalent to 1% of all purchases your referrals make in a given year.


Note: ChemAladdin reserves the right to continue, discontinue, or change the program at anytime without notice.