Compare compounds based on price, availibilty, quality

Compare and buy compounds based on price, quality, supplier. Save time and money

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Welcome to our BETA launch!

We've been busy building an industry first. A place where buyers can compare compounds based on price, availibilty, quality, geography, supplier and make their purchase all in the same place, saving time and money.  You can even buy from multiple suppliers in the same transaction.  We do all the heavy lifting after that!

Remember, we are in BETA so there might be an occasion hick up. We promise we are working daily to make things smooth, seamless and fast!  Any bugs can be reported here and we stand behind every order to make sure you are satisfied.

While we are excited to launch with an impressive list of suppliers which include partners from USA, China, England, France, Switzerland, Canada and more with over 1,000,000 products listed, this is just the beginning. 

Keep checking back, we are adding more vendors and 1000s of products weekly.  If you are a supplier and want to list your products with us please click here to find out more.

Our e-commerce platform has all the bells and whistles that you’ve come to expect and we’ll be adding more features as we grow including:

• Loyalty programs

• More search options

• Reviews

• Ratings

• Advanced payment methods

Try us out!  We’d love to hear from you, it’s your feedback that helps us to improve.  You can always reach us at

You can also learn more at our FAQ

Thanks for checking us out ....happy shopping!


The ChemAladdin Team